Images By Jessica Heck | What to wear.

What should you wear to your session?

      I am here to help your pictures look amazing so hear me out.  Below is a list of tips for you to ponder on and the reasons why these tips work.  Also click on my pinterest link at the top of this page and you can find tons of posing and clothing ideas!!

  •  First, be yourself!!!  Wear what makes you comfortable and happy!!
  • Let's talk about stripes and patterns.  Very thin stripes and some patterns aren't transferred to camera like they should be and they don't show nicely on a computer monitor.  Example: stripes in an image on the computer screen can make the image look like it was meant to be 3D if the stripes are thin enough and close together.  Patterns are cool but sometimes they can take away from an image and become the focus.  We want you as the focus so try using patterns as accents to your outfit not main features!
  • Add interest to your family photos by color coordinating.  You don't all have to wear the same color but complimenting colors work nicely together.  Of course if your style is different then by all means ROCK IT!!!
  • For senior photos its in the details!!  Where jewelry that tells the viewer who you are or clothing that says hey this is ME!!  Most senior images are taken from the waist up with fewer images taken of full body.  What this means is that you have less skin areas to show your personality.  Ladies, if you decide to wear a low cut or v neck top, try adding a lace cami underneath to cover the showing skin and maybe even a nice necklace.  This gives you a chance to show us your personal style!!  
  • Guys, a few added tips for you.  Make sure your clothes fit properly.  To big and all the camera sees is fabric.  Also try and avoid graphic lettering on shirts.  Wear a solid color.  Show your personality and be yourself!!
  • What about the little things?  Well remember to get a haircut or color a few days before your session.  This way you have time to decide how you want your hair styled for the session.  
  • Try some fake lashes (not just for the ladies).  Lashes even if full and thick sometimes don't show up in camera so a little added help with some fake lashes can take any image to the next level.
  • Nails!! Nails!! Nails!!  For senior portraits, some shots could come way in especially if you are incorporating an item such as a violin or a baseball/football.  Make sure nails are manicured (if that's your thing and even if it isn't, trust me on this) this way the image shows your detail and not your hangnail.

Above all this remember, BE YOURSELF!!!  This will help show anyone looking at your images

your personal style and personality.  It will also help you look back on what a fun day it was!!