Images By Jessica Heck | Tips for you!

Things to do before your shoot!

  • Skin- Shave, preferably the day of your session, but if you can't try to do it at least the day before so there is little time for regrowth of hair. Don't forget to moisturize your arms and legs too!
  • Nails- Try and get a manicure/perdicure or at least an at home nail-i-cure for a finished look to all your images.
  • Eyebrows- Tweeze any stragglers!  Upkeep of your eyebrows can drastically change your appearance so be sure to have them shaped and sexy!  If you wax try and do it a few days before your shoot so your skin is not irritated the day of your session.
  • Practice-  Practice facial expressions in the mirror to get an idea of how some expressions feel when you aren't looking in the mirror and what looks hot.  Try practicing the supermodel look! This is done by separating your lips and pouting your bottom lip slightly.  Don't worry though if you can't get it quite right we will perfect it in the studio!
  • Clothing-  Every women needs a matching bra and panty set to make her feel amazing!  This can be any bra type and any panty type!  Fuller figures may find a corset that isn't to tight and causing pinching works amazing along with some boy short type panties!  Try and dress appropriate for your body type and in what makes your comfortable.  If you aren't comfortable in it or don't like the way it looks on you it will show in your images.
  • Bring a few-  Bring a few bra and panty sets to choose from!
  • Make it you-  Bring any props that you may want in your images to give it that you feeling!  Bring something that your significant other wears like a dress shirt/tie or even something they use at their job!  The list is endless. (time is limited so not everything you bring will get used)
  • Tags-  Make sure you remember to remove all tags from new pieces!


Things to do for hair and make-up!

  • Come with a freash clean face for make-up
  • Write down any skin allergies you have and bring any make-up that is special to you due to these allergies
  • Be sure hair is dry and free of any products
  • If you color your hair, touch up your roots if needed
  • Look for any pictures with hair and make-up that your like and print them to bring to your shoot for the hair and make-up artist!